The BC Supply Chain Career Network is a not-for-profit society that has been created to fill the needs of the Supply Chain in British Columbia. We provide information and resources for students investigating what career and education options are available, job seekers looking for employment opportunities within a logistics or manufacturing company, and businesses seeking qualified candidates to fill job openings.

There are several main challenges that we experience in British Columbia

  • The Supply Chain sector is in competition with the construction industry for the same entry level worker
  • The Olympics and the Gateway Project have created a high demand for building trades
  • Young workers are leaving the province to work in Alberta’s oil and gas industry

In addition, the Supply Chain sector experiences the following challenges

  • Attracting a new generation of Supply Chain employees is a critical issue
  • Having candidates that have the level of education and training required to fill top positions
  • Keeping pace with technology
  • Retaining talent with succession and career planning

Our industry experience and knowledge lends an understanding of the employment issues that challenge the Supply Chain sector. We want to help meet these challenges. Our focus is on bringing people together to identify candidates who want to participate in the Supply Chain sector and the organizations that have a need for those people.

Check out our blog for new Supply Chain industry news, job postings, and upcoming events!

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